1.    Q: Who all can train at your gym?

A: Anyone! We train men, women, and children of all ages and experience levels! We train anyone from beginners to advanced veterans. Youths must be 7 years old to train and must be accompanied by an adult guardian if they under 12 years old. We strive to make our gym a safe, clean, comfortable environment for anyone and everyone to train!

2.    Q: Do I have to spar or compete to train at your gym?

A: No, absolutely not. As a matter of fact, most of our members don’t spar, compete, or engage in any sort of contact with other participants. They simply enjoy the boxing style workouts and all of the fitness and other benefits that come with it. We offer both “contact” and “non-contact” programs. Our “12 Rounds Championship Fitness Boxing Program” and our “Peace Maker Boxing System Non-Competitor’s Skills Program” are both non-contact programs.

3.    Q: Is there a membership contract?

A: No. Our agreement with our members is on a “month-to-month” basis. We do ask that as a courtesy that our members let us know if they plan on not training anymore so we can know whether to expect them at class or not.

4.    Q: Do you have showers?

A: No. We simply don’t have the room for showers at our current facility.

5.    Q: Do you have lockers?

A: No. We initially had lockers but did away with them because so many lockers full of boxing gear can make the gym smell bad! We think it’s best that everyone keep their gear in their own bag and take it home with them after training.

6.    Q: Do you have food or drinks?

A: We do have a vending machine that has water and Gatorade. We do not have food or a water fountain. You should either bring a water bottle in your bag or bring money for the drink machine. Regarding food, we think it’s best that you eat any food before you come to the gym to train, or after you leave.

7.    Q: What equipment do I need?

A: During your free 2-day trial membership you can use our gloves, hand wraps, and jump ropes, but once you decide to join you will need to buy equipment. You will need your own gym bag, boxing gloves, hand wraps, jump rope, mouthpiece (if you are doing any contact drills), towel, and water bottle. You also must have running shoes or boxing shoes to train in. Only boxing shoes are allowed in the boxing ring! Also, if you are in a skills program you must make sure you wear a Peace Regime Boxing Club shirt to all training a sessions and make sure you wear the appropriate color of hand wraps according to your current rank. Although we do have sparring gloves, headgear, and groin protectors for beginning competitors, we advise that all competitors eventually get their own for sanitary reasons.

8.    Q: Do you sell equipment at the gym?

A: Yes! We sell quality boxing gloves, hand wraps, jump ropes, shirts, hoodies, mouthpieces, car window decals, and more!

9.    Q: What are the workouts like?

A: Our “Fitness” programs are geared toward teaching you some basic boxing skills, but mostly geared toward focusing on the fitness aspect of training. On the other hand, our “Skills” programs are geared more towards teaching in depth the skills and “art” of boxing to prepare you to compete or for self-defense. Both style of programs focus half on boxing and half on strength and conditioning. The boxing related workouts include jump rope, heavy bag work, light bag work, mitts, and more. The strength and conditioning related workouts include floor exercises, training circuits, weights, and many other forms of functional conditioning exercises that build strength, speed, agility, stability, and endurance.

10. Q: Can I sit in on a training session to see if it is for me?

A: Yes. We actually encourage all potential members to do this to get a better look at what it is that we do. We also offer a free 2-day trial membership so you can experience first hand what we do to see if you would like to join our club!

11. Q: Are your club and trainers certified?

A: Yes! Our club is registered with USA Boxing and our coaches are certified by USA Boxing. USA Boxing oversees all amateur boxing in the United States. The highest level of amateur boxing competition is boxing in the Olympics.

12. Q: Do you offer MMA, Kickboxing, Jujitsu, or other forms of martial arts training?

A: Not at the moment, although we do plan on possibly bringing jujitsu and/or other MMA style training into the gym at some point.